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Power Bank Kinds

Publish:2018/07/26 Company News View:163

As well know, there are many kinds of products in the marketing, So how to choose a proper power bank is very important for us. I will introduce the power bank in the market for you as follow.

1.Common power bank
The power bank is one of the most popular in the market, nowadays. They are only charged or discharged without extended functions. They are trend to practicality and simple style. It is just meet your base necessary for your phone.


2. Built-in charging line power bank
The power bank has its input or output line, which can solve your portability.You don’t need bother because you can’t find the charging cable and adaptor timely.


3. Power Bank with AC adapter
The AC power bank can charge for itself and the mobile equipment.
You do not need to bring the equipment cable and power bank cable when you are on business or travel. It can save you space and worries.As saying goes: one stone two birds.


4. Power Bank with Waterproof Function and so on
They are very popular in the marketing, because they are not only input or output power. They also can waterproof or have some other functions. It likes LED lighting, LCD display, fall resistant. So its strong and fashionable appearance were supported by the outdoor and cross-country people. And some power bank with powerful LED lighting equals a 5W energy saving lamp.


5. Wireless Power Bank
Wireless power bank means you don’t use the charging cable or USB cable plug. It can be realized charging the mobile equipment without cable outdoor. And its advantage are the interactive data is very convenient, the transmission speed is fast and the operation is simple. Besides it can charge multi mobile equipment one time. But its disadvantage is that it can only be charged at a close distance.


6. Solar Power Bank
The solar power bank with a solar board. It can be charged by the sun. It used among in the desert or next to the equator.

That’s all power bank common in the marketing, besides there is other power bank. If you are interested in power bank, maybe you can search it on the Internet.


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