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Merry Christmas

Publish:2018/12/28 Company News View:332

Merry Christmas

Christmas also be called Jesus Day,translated into “Christ Mass”.It’s a traditional day in December 25th every year from the western.Christmas is a religion day,because people regard it as Jesus birthday.



Most Catholic church held Mass in Christmas Eve on the 24.The rest of them will go caroling. And On Christmas eve , some people go to mass , and then go caroling from house to house to bring the blessings to people.One of Christ branch-Orthodox church will celebrate Christmas in January 7th.


Many countries and region also spend Christ day every year.The Hong Kong,Macao,Malaysia and Singapore in Asia.

Christmas festival customs:


Christmas Card

They will send the Christmas card to show their blessing and best wishes each other in this day.


Christmas stocks

The parents will tell their child put the stock in their bedside.It said the Santa Claus will delivery the gifts and put the gift to the stocks through the Chimney into the house door by door.Actually the gift always filled by your parents.I got my first mini Bluetooth Speaker from the stock.


The Christmas tree and Christmas window,Christmas ring are also will popular in this days.
At last, I hope everyone have a good Christmas day.Merry Christmas.


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