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May Day is a four-day holiday from WYN-World technology

Publish:2019/03/23 Company News View:128

May Day is a four-day holiday from May 1st to May 4th

People’s governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, ministries and commissions of the state council and agencies directly under the state council:

Approved by the state council, the labor day holiday arrangement in 2019 is now adjusted as follows.

First, May 1, 2019 solstice 4 days off, a total of 4 days off.Work on April 28 (Sunday) and May 5 (Sunday).

All localities and departments should promptly carry out the adjustment and implementation of the labor day holiday in their respective regions and fields, take effective measures to ensure transportation capacity, strengthen tourism services, enrich product supply, strengthen comprehensive regulation and control, and ensure smooth operation.

Third, during the labor day, to properly arrange on duty and safety, security and other work, in case of major emergencies, timely report and appropriate disposal, to ensure that the people peace and security through the holiday.


General office of the state council


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