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The introduction for famous brand, Harman/Kardon

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As the favorite of music and wish to create the first class music experience, Sidney Harman created the splendid and fashion brand, Harman/Kardon, since 50 years ago. It has converged the connotation of art and technology and has been inherited for half of century. From special monitor speaker and family cinema to the worldwide car speaker and current popular Multimedia Speaker, Harman/Kardon as its outstanding original design, excellent artistic taste and innovation design idea to present its trendsetter’s audiovisual experience to the world, having occupied the leading position in this industry and having won worldwide Speaker Purism’s favorite.

The first item that Harmon/Kardon published was a receiver whose name is Festival D1000 and it got great success, various of components were put inside a charming shell, it looks like a fashion furniture but not a complicated electric products from its appearance, the young musomania are fond of it. Harman/Kardon published SounSticks &reg multi-media loudspeaker after entering 21 century, it incorporates high technology and sculpture, was collected into design album by New York Museum of Modern Art.

In 1999, Harman/Kardon started to cooperate with Mercedes-Benz. In 2002, the first set of Harman/Kardon Logic 7&reg, Surround sound car speaker system, was adopted into Class E car of Mercedes-Benz. In 2008, the new generation SL was used into Harman/Kardon Discrete Logic7 &reg which is a high-end Bluetooth speaker, it presents all series of Mercedes-Bens vehicles can utilize Harmon/Kardon’s creative vehicle speaker’s system. At the same time, Harman/Kardon’s superior presentation can be experienced in BMW and Mini.

Harman/Kardon is always leading the development of speaker industry since its establishment, from stereo to cassette tape recorder, then to the remote controller which can be automatic to adjust family cinema speaker system, each one is epoch-making masterpiece.

The Harman/Kardon’s Main Speaker products.

Harman/Kardon SoundSticks III

SondSticks looks like Jelly Fish at the first impression, presents an elegant feeling. Turn on SoundSticks when you are in Candlelight Dinner, a tuneful music or a classical melody would let you win your lover’s favorite. SoundStick is suitable to put in bedroom or boss’ desk, to present the elegant taste. The slight blue light appears in night, a beautiful melody is inside, which would incorporate you.

SoundSticks is to adopt traditional 2.1 soundtrack design, Sound-body is to adopt likely transparent Perspex material, its subwoofer is to adopt arc structure, allocating 6 inch low pitch unit, low frequency is sufficient. A volume switch is set in the bottom of subwoofer, very easy to operate, but its satellite box of left vocal channel is to utilize different connectors, to pursue the detail perfection, the whole design is excellent.

Its satellite component is to adopt pillar structure, its entirety is harmonious, it is different with ordinary speaker satellite which is to adopt full frequency unit or dichotomy frequency unit, the Soundsticks’ satellite box has adopted 4pcs small one inch unit to vertical line. The design of satellite bottom is also very special, similar with the rubber pillar supported by annular small tyre, it can be rotatable with 180°to form different angles, easy to operate. The whole design is extremely outstanding, it also can be treated as an art.

Harman/Kardon GLA-55

Assimilating to diamond with 64pcs crystal sections exquisitely covered, each sound channel has 60W, it perfectly presents the shocking low frequency and transparent medium-high frequency under the driving of Atlas driver.
GLA-55 is the perfect combination of technology and art. It is marvelous for each exquisite detail design, surprising premium sound quality, perfect low pitch effectiveness. From the strong bass of Atlas driver to crystal high pitch, from the perfect planar to touch volume control, GLA-55 has showed the true quality and style of luxurious desktop type speaker.

Harmon/Kardon GO+PLAY MICRO.
GO+PLAY is a Harmon/Kardon’s former successful product, many people think it is very nice, but some think it is a bit of bigger, subsequently, Harmon/Kardon published a micro version. Its sound quality is the same outstanding as G+PLAY, but its figure and weight are slight because of new material exploitation.

Harman/Kardon BDS 800/600/400
Harman/Kardon group who is the leading speaker manufacturer in the world would publish three types of blue family cinema systems, Harman/Kardon BDS 800, BDS 600 and BDS 400. The design of BDS series product is simple and smooth, easy to operate, it would make you enjoy luxurious cinema shocking sound effect in your home.
Strong Harman/Kardon BDS Series system has integrated as blu-ray Disc, DVD and CD player and FM tuner, it can be high-definition and clearly to recur any sound source movie and music. The center sound channel loudspeaker with double plates median speakers can show abundant and distinctly effect, place yourself in unimaginable 360 degree surround sound.
The appearance design of BOS series is simple and fashion, the shiny surface is matched with classic black, to superinduce superior texture for home circumstance, to manifest extraordinary taste.

Harman/Kardon MAS 101.

MAS 101 is made up of preliminary amplifier, power amplifier and a pair of 2.0 sound channel passive speaker. Its preliminary shell is to completely adopt black piano stoving varnish to pour, it has good texture, at the same time, the preliminary integrates suction CD driver, it has great dustproof function, the noise is very low when working CD driver. There is no any entity key on the preliminary panel, the power switch is also to adopt touch design, some frequently-used shortcut button is also to utilize touch-control design. There are a 3.5mm audio input/output terminal and a USB terminal in a side of preliminary, it can play MP3 and WMA audio files which are in flash dish or removable disk.

The power amplifier shape of MAS 101 is the same as preliminary, the front plate texture of drawbench metal material is strong, which presents its extraordinary design idea, its volume adjustment knob is to beauty it, the inner ring of knob would appear lavender lighting, presents its extraordinary style, the knob damp has a very exquisite texture, accurate positioning. Its power amplifier is not the same as other products which have a lot of holes for heat radiation in outer shell, there are moderate holes for heat radiation in its backside and bottom. This indicates that Harman/Kardon has sufficient confidence for the design, the heat emission is true not high during using.

The allocation of MAS101 is passive speaker, the weight of each speaker is 4.4KG, very exquisite craft, the top of speaker is also to adopt drawbench metal plate, the Harman/Kardon’s logo is obvious, the speaker’s other parts are to adopt black piano lacquer to pour, to make whole speaker system become more elegant.

The preliminary and power amplifier of MAS101 is to be connected by special cables, just need one cable to connect them, the backside connector of preliminary is very abundant, to provide two set of optical fiber input, digital concentric input, a set of digital output connector and two sets of RCA input connector. Moreover, MAS101 also allocates a special base to connect with Ipad/Iphone, the base is connected with preliminary by a special connector, various card slot to be suitable for different types of playing devices, the detail is considerable. There is a little of function key in the front plate of MAS101, the wireless controller can realize all of function, very easy to operate.

Regards to audio performance, the low frequency of MAS101 has sufficient strength and depth, sound is vigorous and strong, the intermediate frequency is also better, high frequency is nature, its outstanding gradation presentation would win most of people’s recognition.

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