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Intelligent speaker from wynco technology

Publish:2019/03/29 Company News View:96

As the core technology of smart home, computing, interconnection and interaction are the three core keys. The smart speaker product can be regarded as a smart phone without screen. Users are more likely to interact with it through sound. Liberated eyes and fingers.

Smart speaker – the main advantage: liberating hands

Woden Bluetooth Speaker

In many people’s eyes, it is still a smart speaker with trendy gadgets. It often has two core functions: smart home voice control center and personal assistant. Through the smart speaker, you can realize the networking and voice control of the smart appliances in the home, as well as the functions of daily assistants, ordering restaurants, calling cars, reading, translating, calling and other similar personal assistants. The advantage of smart speakers is that they can be “spaced” by voice, helping people when they are not comfortable using their mobile phones or other electronic devices.

In general, whether a new product concept can be accepted by the market, whether advanced technology is only one of the dimensions of judgment, the real key is whether it can be sufficiently related to the concepts and experiences known to consumers. In the smart speaker products are gradually being heated up, and all the major manufacturers have also not forgotten to squeeze into such a trend to get a share. Taking the development of the US smart speaker market as an example, according to industry insiders, smart speakers will cover 75% of American households in 2020, reaching 94.2 million devices. The international market is sure to be even more impressive.

Woden Bluetooth Speaker

Smart speakers – the market is growing rapidly

In the international market, there is an increasingly fierce battle of 100 boxes. As early as 2014, Amazon has released its Echo series of speakers. The practice of implanting intelligent voice technology into traditional speakers has given the attributes of speaker artificial intelligence. Let the speakers change from a simple sound device to a smart device. In addition, as the entrance to the modern smart home, Amazon smart speaker Echo is equipped with Alexa voice control platform, which can realize real-time wake-up, broadcast weather and activate household appliances including TV, refrigerator and washing machine.

In addition to the high sound quality, Sony’s smart speaker “LF-S50G” can also be manipulated by gestures. According to the Japanese media, Sony and Panasonic’s smart speakers use Google’s artificial intelligence technology – Google’s Google Assistant for their own smart speakers, the main purpose is to save self-development costs so as to get involved as soon as possible market.

In addition, when some audio manufacturers are still dead on Hi-Fi, Sonos has used Wi-Fi to open up the gap between speakers and streaming services, and through the speaker linkage, the music is transmitted to more indoors to bring a brand new Listen to the experience. It has always been thought that as a Bluetooth speaker ‘small and big,’ the Bose SoundLink Mini series has won recognition from many consumers for its excellent industrial design and impressive sound performance. What’s more, Anker and Harman introduced speakers that support Alexa and Google Assistant respectively. Different types of smart speakers range in price from tens of dollars to one or two hundred dollars to capture market demand at various price points.


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