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The future trend of intelligent bluetooth speakers

Publish:2018/06/07 Company News View:252

The main advantages about smart speakers
The speakers are still fashionable things for most people, which usually has the intelligent home sound control and personal assistance function. We can sound-control and network-connect our intelligent electrical apparatus to finish the personal assistance things like schedule arrangement ,meal order ,car booking ,read ,translation and a phone call . the smart speaker specialize in providing many helps by word when people are not convenient in different space.


Generally speaking, whether a new product concept is accepted by market, technology is only one of the reason to charge, what really matters are the connection between people’s consumption concept and experiences. people are getting more and more interested in smart speakers when the development of smart speaker, at the meanwhile , the e-commerce try their best to get into this market to earn some benefit. As the sample of American smart speaker market ,some experts guess the smart speaker will come into 75% American family, the date will achieve 94.2 million set .there must have more bigger market at the international level. 
The disadvantages of smart speakers

Some speaker experts think people still couldn’t get away from smart phone when the smart speaker get more and more important role in people’s intelligent life. At first, only through phone APP, the smart speaker can enter into the local area network, which reviews the importance of smart phone on intelligent life. Furthermore ,in remote manipulation, phone is indispensable in mobile terminals. 
On the other hand, many intelligent electrical apparatus depends much on the phone to turn or turn off. In terms of portability, phone is small and portable, and the speaker is much fat to take compared with the smart phone. For people who travel a lot, it is much inconvenient to use the intelligent speaker when going out rather than staying at home.

  The development prospect of Chinese intelligent speakers in 2008
  The first function of smart speakers is music playing ,the next is the智networking .Thus the prosperity of music market determine the degree of dissemination. The general income of music record is 157 billion dollars, increased its year-on-year segment volumes by 5%, which is the highest amount of increase since the track of sales date. Although the scale of the market appears some slowdown in the past 15 years, bur these two years the fashion medium music becomes the main stream of market increase, push and lead the music market. There are more than 100 million paying subscribers worldwide, fashion medium has become the biggest part of digital income. And the digital music has dominated the market about 50%.

         Stay true to the mission and come back to sound quality
The most critical thing about smart phone is the sound quality since 2014, about this ,the editor also feels a lot. As a smart speaker ,the first thing is the sound quality ,then is the intelligent lever and content resources .thus the speaker maker will make it very clearly in future ,the intelligent speaker need to come back the sound quality ,only in this way ,speaker could have a better future .

The intelligent experience will become the main character about smart speakers
The birth of intelligent speaker is to bring more convenient life to people, and when you come home, you will put down your phone and enjoy more beautiful music and life. In June , JingDong intelligent combine the HKust Fly Drops Travel ,BaiDu map ,ZhongTong Express, E-Bag Wash and many other platform to transplant many services into intelligent speakers which can only finished by phone APP. Thus it’s the future development trend to turn the traditional speakers into internet services platform.
The further improved of home automation
  At present, both Alibaba and JingDong are enter into the home automation by the help of intelligent speaker’s voice interaction the near future, the users could finish the taxi booking, delivery, take-out order, domestic service and live rode-condition broadcast by quick home intelligent speaker command .what really important is that you don’t have to use your sell phone to complete all these things but just to open your month to tell it.


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