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How to identify the sound quality of Bluetooth speaker

Publish:2018/05/29 Company News View:242

Since I entered into the market of speakers, there has always been friends to ask that how to identify the sound quality! Sound quality has no standard which is hard to judge. For general people, without comparison, hundreds kuai ‘s speakers and thousands kuai’s speakers mean the same to everyone. Especially in this age of smart speakers.

Here I combine my personal views on the quality of sound discrimination to write you a text for your reference. If anything not correct, please tell me.
A good speaker should have many good qualities, here are the six points
1 clarity: the wonderful quality of sound is very clear and transparent, and every world could be heard very clear.

2 fullness: medium and low notes are adequate, high notes moderate, warm, comfortable and elastic .if the reverberation time is relatively short, especially the reverberation time of low frequency band is shorter than that of medium frequency band, its fullness will not be good. The output frequency characteristic of sound system is poor, lack medium bass, such sound can appear dry weak which cannot be plump.
3 intimacy .it’s what people usually called telepathy .that is a sense of communication ,a feeling of talking ,a hearing of voices .but the common or poor quality speakers couldn’t get this effect which make you feel urgent and distant.

4 balance that means the left and right speakers. The output power of the main speaker and the auxiliary speaker should be balance .the left and right channels of stereo sound have good consistency and the sound and image are normal .if the sound image is distorted and uncoordinated ,then the sound qualities is not good .
5 environment the space sense of sound is good, which can give people a vivid feel. It couldn’t be better to describe that the sound van make people feel real.

6 Loudness. In terms of loudness, good sound quality sounds appropriate and comfortable. By the way, we have entered the speakers of cloud speakers/Internet intelligent era. because the program comes from the network in the cloud, so program there are good or bad program, and the difference is very big, you should choose excellent sound source when identify sound quality, and choose their familiar content to test the sound quality.


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