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Huaqiang North Commercial District

Publish:2018/08/06 Company News View:233

The Huaqiang business district located in the Futian district, Shengzhen.It is an industrial area in a long time ago, which produced electronics, communication and electrical products. Besides it has more than 40 factories. The Huaqiang Road about 930meters long, 1560meters wider. The commercial area is about 1.45 square kilometers. The daily passenger flow about 300-500thousand times everyday.

With the economic developmental and the cost increasing, besides the factory starts moved outside and the shopping mall stars settled. And then the Huaqiang North has changed into a different business district. Huaqiang North gradually became the largest electronic market in China. The government seized the chance of transformation, the Shenzhen business center district have became one of the most traditional and popular since 1998. Huaqiang North Business District as the first safe shopping street by the trade and industry bureau in 2000. And it also award “China Electronics First Street” in the opening ceremony of the 10th China Hi-Tech Fair Huaqiang North Branch in 2008.


That confirmed the leading position of Huaqiang North Commercial Street in the national electronic commerce industry. So many eclectic company in this area.


There have more than 717 commercial business units. The electrics, electric appliances, telecommunications, Watches and clocks, clothing, department stores, gold ornaments, banking securities, insurance, real estate, and restaurants are prosperousing in Huaqiang North. They have more than 48 electronic communication industry, 27 banking and securities industry, 145 clothing store, 192 restaurants, 7 home appliance industry, and 298 other industries.

Therefore, Huaqiang North has become a commercial complex with multiple industries, formats and comprehensive functions.


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