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How to pick up Bluetooth speakers?

Publish:2018/05/25 Company News View:285

With the appearance of Bluetooth speakers, it has been widely concerned by the users of smart phone and laptop as the development of intelligent terminal. Bluetooth technology make it possible for wire speaker to be wireless speaker. All kinds of famous brands have put varieties-shape Bluetooth speakers. Consumers just expand about few Yuan to 3000 Yuan to have a portable and fashionable Bluetooth speakers. While how to pick up a Bluetooth speakers?

The popularity of smartphones and tablets has spawned a serious of products, one of which is portable Bluetooth speaker .because of the small, delicate and beautiful appearance with the function of compatibility and other new features, young people love it very much. Portable Bluetooth speakers market is a relative new field, while there are also many fake products. For example, there are 48 portable Bluetooth brands and 377 products in YiXun market, the figures do not include the unknown brands and products .what is the current market situations of Bluetooth speakers? How to buy the Bluetooth speakers correctly? I hope this article will gave you some inspiration .
Current situation of Bluetooth speakers market
At present, the mainstream Bluetooth speakers in the market conclude by several components: domestic brands, international brands and so called shanzhai brands .the existence of different type speakers can meet the requirement of market. The number of domestic brands is large and In the middle of price .most buyers would choose these cheap and affordable products .the price of international brands are 3-5 times expensive than domestic brands and even more higher. The buyers are always these digital fans and geeks; more fake products are always found in all corners of stall Such as subway. The price is very low, and the sounds surely is bad. Most of these buyers are not sensitive to digital products. At present, the Bluetooth speaker market is in chaos now and there are many problems need to be dealt with.


The embarrassed same products, homogenization still serious. Which is almost 100 percent pure imtation.Homogenization is an inevitable topic, and the homogenization of audio circle has its own characteristics. It is said that the foreign moon is more circle than home, the same collision of domestic Bluetooth speaker with the foreign famous brand speaker is not a case. Imitation is a quick way to become famous. Just because on the shoulders of giants. On the other hand, the cost of homogenization is not expensive. The technology copying is the current situation, the entry threshold of all kinds of technologies is not high. The manufacturers can do it, why not to do! You have Bluetooth in your home, I also have. The NFC is cheap, I also want to add. Just like the smart phone on the market, any function can be put on the phone. This things greatly increases the consumer’s discrimination cost.
The industry is in chaos, how to fight with shanzhai !
Some users are willing to pay for the fake, just because cheap!

Due to the high threshold of high-end audio market, the restrictions of technology and capital. It is not easy for ordinary manufacturers to enter in. Therefore, this field is relatively stable and don’t have many new competitors. However, the market of Bluetooth speakers is different. The subway entrance, urban village and the street stalls are all selling the cheap Bluetooth speakers headphones and power bank, including Bluetooth speakers which can start with minimum 30-50 Yuan, there are also some fake products with big brand. All of this brings some impact on the regular manufacturers. There are so many portable speaker brand, although some vendors is taking shape in the regular brand, but because of the industry’s new, audience awareness is low, these new regular brands are easily to be regarded as shanzhai products. How to accurately identify authentic products and shanzhai, and how to choose products that are suitable for you according to your own consumption ability, we will discuss in detail below.
How to choose Bluetooth speakers?
People tend to believe in eye catching, just like they do when they are looking for partner. At the first sight, you like it, which means the deal has been successful more than half way. Thus the appearance means a lot to the buyers, but different people get different aesthetic taste, so we don’t need to talk a lot about the appearance. From another perspective, what should we pay much attention to when purchasing a Bluetooth speaker?

1. The version of Bluetooth
While the latest version of Bluetooth has the downward compatibility features ,almost any version of Bluetooth is 100% compatible, but it doesn’t mean the Bluetooth version isn’t important .up to now ,there are 6 versions, in Bluetooth technology ,there has V1.1 ,1.2,2.0,2.1 3.0,4.0, high versions could backward compatible. The version of V1.1 and V1.2 has been eliminated, currently the most widely used is V2.0 and V2.1 the transmission rate can reach more than 2 MBPS and can simultaneously transmit data and voice. The latest improved versions, V3.0 and v4.0, have been released. And the transmission speed has been greatly improved to 24MBPS, the theoretical transmission distance is up to 60 meters .thus before buying I suggested that the version of broadcast equipment need to be clear, you would better buy more than 2.1 version of the Bluetooth speaker, or else it is easy to appear the phenomenon such as broadcast music off and on.

2. Material of Bluetooth
Compared with the traditional wooden speakers, most Bluetooth speakers are made of plastic and metal. Usually the formal brand will not save money in materials, even if it is made of plastic, there will be less surface unevenness, thin texture and other problems. Some careful brands even coat the exterior of the speakers with waterproof coating, or some special waterproof paint to meet the requirement of users .here i want to remind everyone to pay attention to the interface and the weight when buying .lightweight speakers are portable ,but a small bump can lead to damage to internal parts .
3. The life of battery

The battery life of the speaker is the same as that of the mobile phone, while the longer the better. Of course, everything has a peak, so we recommend that the ideal battery life of Bluetooth should be 8-10 hours under normal use. Listen for 3 hours a day for 3 days. Usually the working time of the speaker box is related to the battery capacity and the power of the product. Whose power is concentrated between 4W and 6W, and whose battery capacity is better than 1,000mah for optimal playback time.

4. The sound quality
Objectively speaking, the sound quality of small speaker box is very embarrassing. Unlike the HIFI speaker, it does not have a large scale horn and power, and its sound quality cannot compete with the big speaker at the limitation of physic. But for the most users, a small speaker which can be used with a tablet and mobile phone is enough to hear. In this case, how to judge the sound quality? The most way is to listen in person. You need to pay an attention to these few points when listening .at the maximum volume, whether the high pitch is broken. The low frequency cannot be too harsh ,just to meet their basic expectations.  

5. Other things
  Some speakers use new, strange functions as their stunt, such as the alarm clock, wireless card read, NFC cabin lights etc. These functions are cool, but don’t put the cart before the horse, don’t let the initial purchase of Bluetooth speaker be overshadowed by the hype.


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