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How to deal with procrastination ?

Publish:2018/08/23 Company News View:211

Name a day-to do list
Once the daily- to do list is unfinished, it will be hard to complete the next day.
You ‘d better make one list for one program, then you can find another time to continue, which is also better for the using of pieces time.
Do not dwell one thing for long time
Liking you want to learn some lessons about management, but you want to find the right reference book, signing up for the rightful open class. If you don’t do this, the theory you learned is not the true management.
Giving up something you haven’t done for too long
If something always be your long-wait thing, like losing weight, then that thing need to be considered again whether it is an emergency for you. Canceling doesn’t mean giving up, but to get more energy to deal with truly important thing.
Spread positive emotions
When you compliment some colleague who can make brilliant PPT ,then you will also feel happiness .negative emotions means danger, and a positive emotions mean safe .human are more like to explore in a safe environments.

Pretend to entrust
Because let someone help you to finish a thing, you will put down your contradict feelings. And maybe you will make the step decomposition more reasonable to be finished out of polite. And at this process, you will find out the every step you made can be finished by you own.
Have one day to deal with tough things
Saving one day to do tough things, when all things done, you can use the left time to do something you like, which is the award for your procrastination–resist.


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