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How to Choose the Bluetoooth Speaker

Publish:2018/06/23 Company News View:212

The performance and their screen was astonished by the customer ,with the rapid development of smartphone and tablet computer, The loudspeaker hasn’t been solved in right ways because of the huge volume. But the hearing is one of the most important sense of human. And the bluetooth speaker are developing quickly with the portable and the wireless (transmission), (fashion) appearance, they are trended by the consumers.

So there is some advice as follows:

The first one (Firstly): The compatibility of Bluetooth speaker
The compatibility of Bluetooth speaker means a loudspeaker with Bluetooth receiver pattern. So everybody knows that Bluetooth need match with the equipment. The most important part is our player match with the Bluetooth, The two parts of the compatibility are the Bluetooth version by supported and the bluetooth equipment by matched.

The second (Secondly): The distance of the transmission
As the Bluetooth speaker is a technology of the wireless, so the wireless transmission is one of the Bluetooth speaker characters. We always like to use cellphone or table computer in sofa, while the Bluetooth speaker laid another side of the table. So we can know the transmission distance is very important for the Bluetooth speaker. Generally speaking, the Bluetooth speaker can support 8 to 10meters.But sometimes the transmission distance was disrupted by the huge cabinet and the thick wall, which is in the middleof the player equipment. While the good Bluetooth speaker aren’t, if the things aren’t too much.

The Third (Thirdly): the Battery Life

The Bluetooth speaker should be portable, wireless and easy to move. People always use it outdoor , in car or moved indoor. As battery is built-in Bluetooth speaker, The charging hours, duration, battery life are very important for the Bluetooth speaker. And the using hours is 4 to 6 hours with normal volume.

Fourthly: The quality of Bluetooth speaker

We buy the Bluetooth speaker for the better hearing of quality. The most decision is to consider its quality.The Bluetooth speaker shouldn’t have the cracking of the voice and currenting voice. And the voice should be morepurify and the distortion rate should be more lower than 1%.


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