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How to Choose a Good Power Bank

Publish:2018/07/10 Company News View:252

A power bank or power bank is a device that can directly charge a mobile device, which is a storage unit. Power bank also called “Mobile Power Bank”. The concept was so popular by the digital products commonly. The power bank can charge cellphones or digital products any time. They are multi-function power bank in the market, besides they are equipped by the standard USB output. It can charge the mobile phones, MP3, MP4, PDA, Bluetooth headset, digital camera and so on. They are used by the business people, fashion, game enthusiasts, travelers, music lovers, students who have power outages at night.

Most smart phones, tablets, laptops and digital cameras are used more frequently because their function more diversified. Especially, we are traveling or on business activities. In order to prolong the using time of the terminal equipment, the power bank should be good use of it. It means the charging time should longer.


1. Look at the battery:We’d better choose the polymer, because it’s very safe and light. Besides the polymer battery has better discharge characteristics and using a colloidal electrolyte, which has smooth discharge characteristics and a higher discharge platform than the liquid electrolyte colloidal electrolyte.

2. Look at the conversion rate.:The conversion rate is the most important for the power bank. The charging time decided by the board conversation rate and battery capacity. Not the battery capacity but the board conversation rate decides the charging hours. Commonly, the conversation rate is about 85%.

3. Look Material:The key components materials internal was made up it from the import or domestic. Such as boost system, capacitors, etc.

4. Product charging management: Most smartphones use large pulse internal management nowadays. Pulse charging management has many advantages such as large charging current, low temperature and long battery life

5. compatibility:It can Support multiple brands of mobile phones, handhelds, MP3, MP4, digital cameras and other digital designs. Differ products can’t support every electronic products.
Besides, the charging capacity and the weight can meet your necessary. And the color or shape are also should be considered.


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