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How to choose a good desk lamp

Publish:2018/12/19 Company News View:196

Most people like to install a small desk lamp in bed room, which make us read books more easily at night, so desk lamp is an important

Instrument for bedroom. We can choose appropriate desk lamp according to the style of the bedroom, so what is the type of desk lamp and how to choose a good small desk lamp ………..

LED desk lamp

LED small desk lamp is a good choose for most people, it has the advantage such as energy-saving, environmental protection, safety. And At the same time, LED small table has sufficient light, excellent lighting performance, no flashing light and no radiation. However, the small LED desk lamp has a single light source, narrow color line and if we use it for a long time, which will affect our visual nerve.

 Floor lamp

Floor lamp basically puts beside bed or sofa, which can satisfy our illume demand, wonderful energy-saving ability. The character of Floor lamp design is concise and simple .which has very strong adornment effect and can let our interior space more exquisite warm

Wall lamp

Wall lamp often appears in residence, hotel, this kind of desk lamp is installed on the wall normally, which take up very small space, loved by a lot of people.

How to choose a good desk lamp

  1. Light

The light of small desk lamp should be soft and the light cannot too dark, otherwise the light will make people feel depressive. And the bright bedside lamp lighting has bad effect to the eye, make people fall asleep hard.

  1. Size

The size of the lamp is also an important thing ,the lamp size should base on the size of the bedroom .if the lamp is too big ,which will make people feel narrow ,if it is too small ,the lamp will not match the environment.


3、the light can be adjustable

It is better for us to choose the light adjustable desk lamp, which will make us use more convenient.and the light lamp should be energy-saving

4、the lamp should be available easily


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