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How to buy an appropriate wireless Bluetooth speaker ?

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In order to buy an appropriate wireless Bluetooth speaker, the first importance is to learn more about this product.

Wireless Bluetooth speaker is the speaker which rely on Bluetooth protocol as carrier to transfer data, most of mobile devices (mobile phone, laptop and tablet PC) have Bluetooth chip built-in, it can be fast recognized without data cable or audio cable, easy to operate and convenient to connect.

From Sound quality, the effective audio data of CD sound quality (44.1KHz sampling rate and 16 bit sampling precision) is about 1.4Mbit, the transmitting speed just need keep 2Mbit/s if need transfer CD sound quality signal, Bluetooth “2.1+EDR” can be competent. In addition, As this kind of product always adopt the mature acoustic structure of traditional speaker, it can realize wireless playing after integrating Bluetooth module, the presentation of its sound quality is the same as similar level speaker products.

From specification, although Bluetooth 3.0/4.0 standard have been put forward, the former one mainly presents Bluetooth Radio Frequency Modulation Method toward Wi-Fi, the last one mainly presents the application of auto power control, which is low power consumption, this two versions have presented the progress of Bluetooth technology, but it doesn’t have more relation with audio application. Regards to the application of chip level, it is suitable for 3.0/4.0 version.

The mainstream Bluetooth speaker are to exploit A2DP stereo protocol, while mobile phone, tablet PC and other devices all support A2DP protocol, so, in terms of usage, Bluetooth speaker don’t have any obstacle.

How to buy an appropriate wireless Bluetooth speaker ?

Although the compatibility of Bluetooth Speaker is 100% to support present Bluetooth devices, it is better to check whether your device support Bluetooth before buying.

Transfer Distance

The transfer distance of Bluetooth speaker is also many buyers’ concern. The transfer distance of Bluetooth speaker is not relative with Bluetooth version, it mainly depends on the advanced technology level. The transfer distance of PowerClass 2 standard is 10m, while the updated PowerClass 1 can improve transfer distance up to 100m, and provide Hi-Fi stereo effect. Usually, the distance of mobile phone and Bluetooth speaker would be not long, 10m transfer distance is enough for the requirement. The Bluetooth speaker all can reach 10m standard in market.


Customers always saw Bluetooth 1.1, 1.2, 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 4.0 when purchasing Bluetooth speakers, these number represent different version, representing anti-interference ability of Bluetooth speakers as well. The 2.0 version was more common in 2012, 3.0 version was popular after 2012, 4.0 version is the new mainstream in market. The different Bluetooth version can influence the quality of signal receiver. The new version have more ability to overcome noise interference. The function of new version all includes old version, customers should balance the prices and their requirements when making a choice to buy.

Battery Built-In

Bluetooth digital speakers have battery built-in, to realize wireless connection. The quality of battery built-in directly decides the playing time and lifespan of Bluetooth digital speaker. Please carefully consult the actual playing time and damping times of repeatedly recharging before purchasing. It is suggested to choose lithium polymer battery when buying Bluetooth speaker, which has no exploding risk.

The categories of battery:

1). Lithium Polymer Battery
Advantage: Safety and high effectiveness, soft package without exploding risk.
Disadvantage: There are complicated types of lithium battery, the prices of pure cobalt (good) and pure manganese (bad) has many times difference.

2). 18650 Battery:

Advantage: Outstanding performance, charging and discharging can reach superior level (used for laptop battery as usual), it has protection for anti-explode.
Disadvantage: There are many teardown batteries and old batteries. The prices of different quality has difference about 5~10 times.

3). Aluminum Shell Battery:

Advantage: Price is very cheap.
Disadvantage: Performance is not good, don’t have any protection policy for anti-exploding, it would cause bad result if exploding.

Battery Protection Board:

1). The battery protection board of inferior brands are bad, not stability, it is easy to damage chip and electric device.
2). The output of unstable Current not only influence Sound quality, but also to cause high Current noise.

Capacity of superior battery still can reach 80% after 500 times for charging and discharging. Capacity of inferior battery can reach less than 50% after 100 times for charging and discharging.

The categories of Bluetooth Speaker:
Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is classified mainly according to Audio Unit and Application:
1. Single Loudspeaker Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker
The audio unit of mini portable Bluetooth speaker is mainly classified as one loudspeaker, one loudspeaker+ one bass radiator, one loudspeaker+ Inverted phase hole and loudspeaker vibrating diaphragm integrated. From function, they are mainly classified as ordinary single monocular mini Bluetooth speaker and outdoor mini Bluetooth speaker, etc.

2). Ordinary Monocular Mini Bluetooth Speaker:

The monocular Bluetooth speaker is very popular in the initial stage of Bluetooth speaker. As its simple structural craft, don’t need special technical support, which attracts large manufacturers to produce, it is widely welcome by customers who just knew Bluetooth speaker, large of this Bluetooth speakers appeared immediately in market at that time. Nevertheless, as the limitation of its too small sound chamber cavity, large of homogeneity and low price, the sound quality is difficult to break through, battery endurance is shorter, most is about 2~3 hours, which causes the big applicable limitation of this speaker, most of them just can be used in specified circumstance. Most of the customers who buy this speakers don’t have many requirement for Sound quality, therefore, the low price ordinary monocular Bluetooth speaker is more easy to be bought by public people.

3). Outdoor Monocular Mini Bluetooth Speaker:

As ordinary mini Bluetooth speaker is difficult to meet request in outdoor, then outdoor mini Bluetooth speaker entered into market. It can meet the basic request for waterproof and anti-drop, which can satisfy the basic outdoor sport, but it also because the limitation of small size, its sound quality still don’t have big breakthrough, it just can make some breakthrough for waterproof and anti-drop, battery endurance is about 3~5 hours, which can make short outdoor sport. As a transition product of Bluetooth speaker, its price is relative cheaper. The main advantages of this speaker are small and exquisite, portable and convenient to carry, but its disadvantage is the plain sound quality, low pitch is not good, battery endurance is shorter.

2. The Perfect integration of Sound quality of double loudspeakers and portability

The audio unit of this Bluetooth speaker can be classified as double loudspeakers, double loudspeakers+ one vibrating diaphragm, double loudspeakers+ Inverted phase hole, double loudspeakers+ double vibrating diaphragm. They are mainly classified as Mini furniture Bluetooth speaker and outdoor sport Bluetooth speaker from their function.

1). Mini Furniture Bluetooth Speaker:

This kind of speakers have got big breakthrough in Sound quality, which can meet most of consumers’ requirement, unless you are very professional and have very high requirement for Sound Quality. Its sound quality is great with small size figure, which is suitable to put on furniture, various type of product designs are a good Bluetooth speaker. But as it is not specially designed for outdoor sport, its hold feeling is plain, don’t have waterproof function, so, its main usage circumstance is indoor.

2). Outdoor Sport Bluetooth Speaker:

Outdoor sport Bluetooth speaker is high price in market. It integrates advantages of all former type Bluetooth speakers, it has better hand feeling and easy to portable, it not only meets to use in home, but also meet to use for long time outdoor sport. As it has high requirement for special technology and materials exploitation, usually just some famous brand manufacturers to produce, its craft is very delicate, material is very serious, need have some technical support. Its sound quality can reach very high level, superior than ordinary Bluetooth speaker, which can meet most of users. As it need meet to use for outdoor in some extreme environment, the materials of these type products need be specially processed, usually it would have strong protection function, its battery endurance is long, it is about 10~20 hours as usual. Price is US$65 ~ US$240. This integration Bluetooth speaker has great practicability and suitability, which would become mainstream in Bluetooth speaker market.

3. Multiple Loudspeakers Large Furniture Bluetooth Speaker:

Multiple loudspeakers large furniture Bluetooth speaker has superior sound quality, price is very high. Basing on high requirement technical support, usually just big famous manufacturers produce. This kind of Bluetooth speaker is to pursue no upper limited breakthrough, which is for those who have more high requirement for Sound quality.

After learning more detail about Bluetooth speakers from above, I think you would know how to buy an appropriate wireless Bluetooth speaker for yourself or gift for your friends.

You can buy one according to your requirement for sound quality and price. Special request can be customized according to your idea.

WYN-WORLD, 26th, March, 2018.


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