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Harman Kardon

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If you interested in Bluetooth speaker, and you must know about the Harman/Kardon, JBL or AKG and so on. So I will introduce to you about the great audio company-Harman/Kardon.

NYSE:HAR is the head company of the Harman/Kardon, which is specialized in auto and household speaker. It was established and located in Woodbury New York, USA, in 1953. Meanwhile, the JBL, AKG and Infinity also are belong to the Harman/Kardon.
Harman/Kardon was established by the Sidney Harman and Bernard Kardon. The company helped create the high-fidelity audio industry and its first product was an FM tuner. After one year, Harman/Kardon launched first true high-fidelity receiver “FestivalD1000” in the world. FestivalD1000, which is aimed common consumers and created some common functions. Such as the collection of tuner, component control components and loudspeakers on one whole together. Harman/Kardon launched the world’s first stereo receiver, the FestivalTA230. It also targeted to make sure the Hi-Fi applied in users.

Harman/Kardon is also the primary audio supplier for, Land Rover and Saab and Toshiba notebook. In addition to, the Buick New Excelled, Buick New Regal, Buick New Lacrosse and Mercedes-Benz, BMW 7 Series, Land Rover Range Rover and other luxury cars are use the Harman Kardon.

Harman/Kardon has been leading the development of the audio industry from the established. The stereo, cassette recorder and remote controls that automatically calibrate home theater sound systems. They are very important for the audio industry history. In order to provide the natural, agile and realistic professional feeling for the car owner, they made an effort on the auto audio when it was beginning. In additionally, the Haimeidi, Ten cent Yunxiaowei, Tencent Video Penguin Aurora, Harman Kardon and Heist are launched the Chinese intelligent home audiovisual robot in 2017.

The famous Bluetooth Speaker Sound Sticks III

The crystal speaker like jellyfish and very elegant because its spperence. You are very happy when the crystal and the touching song or calssic blue toe are opened in a candlelight. Besides it is very suitable for pendulum on the bedroom or boos’ desk.The music dances like angel in crystal when it blue in the night.It’s like a dream or craft than a Bluetooth speaker.The crystal speaker uses a traditional 2.1-channel design and its body uses a transparent plexiglass material. And the subwoofer uses a circular body structure, which with a 6-inch woofer and low-frequency sturdy.


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