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Good new! Shenzhentong company offers cross-border service .

Publish:2019/12/28 Others View:11

SHENZHENTONG customers can enjoy the cross-border bus service by purchasing e-tickets via the company’s app, according to yesterday’s D News, the app of Shenzhen Special Zone Daily.

Photos by D News

Starting Tuesday, travelers can purchase e-tickets for 50 yuan (US$7) to enjoy the cross-border service. With the e-ticket, a traveler can enjoy up to a 2 yuan in discount for each bus trip in Shenzhen, and take a bus trip from Shenzhen Bay Checkpoint to Wan Chai, Sheung Wan, Tuen Mun, Tsuen Wan or Prince Edward, the report said.

The e-tickets have to be booked in advance for the current and next day. The cross-border bus is provided by Shum Kong Wing Lee Cross Border Bus Co. Ltd.

The service will cover other checkpoints like Huanggang, Wenjindu and Shatoujiao, according to a release from the Shenzhentong company.

How to Purchase?
1.Download “深圳通” app, get registered and tap “一码通深港”

2. Choose your place of departure, destination and desired date of departure

3. Tap “查询车票” to choose a preferred schedule

4. Doublecheck your information and submit your order


Hope this can help you ~

Editor/Chen Siqi

Source/Shenzhen Daily

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