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Famous Brand Earphone

Publish:2019/07/27 Company News View:260

Four top HIFI brands in Europe

AKG Headphone,Domestically called “love technology.” Austria’s famous headset microphone manufacturer, founded in Vienna in 1947. AKG’s earphones are light, sturdy and comfortable, with smooth and natural sound, beautiful mid-range and wide sound field. AKG has now been acquired by the Harman Kardon Group.Our company also have business with Harman Kardon.

BEYERDYNAMIC: Domestically called “Bai Ya Power” or “Bayer Power”. Germany’s famous headset microphone manufacturer, founded in Berlin in 1924. The Beyerdynamic headphones are sturdy and comfortable, with a sturdy sound, warmth and clear details.

SENNHEISER: The domestic name is “Sen Haiser”, it is reported that it is now renamed “Sound Sea”. Germany’s famous headset microphone manufacturer was founded in 1945. Sennheiser’s traditional style is thick and open, loyal and sweet and relaxed. In recent years, Sennheiser’s product style has turned to beautiful.

ULTRASONE: Domestically, the “extreme” business owner has devoted himself to researching headphones for more than ten years. The products are mainly high-end professional headphones and HIFI headphones. The sound has the rigorous characteristics of German headphones, taking into account the good sense of music and high quality.

Two major headphones brands in the United States

GRADO: Domestically called “Goethe”. GRADO is the world famous HI-END headset brand, an American family small factory founded in 1955 in Brooklyn. GRADO’s appearance is simple and simple, the sound is full of vitality, the mid-range is gorgeous and the low frequency is powerful.

KOSS: Domestically called “Gauss”. KOSS is a large-scale headset supplier in the United States, established in 1953. KOSS products mainly cater for the low-end and civilian markets, and the sound is full of strength and dynamic.


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