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D&G Get Out!!!

Publish:2018/12/01 Company News View:158

D&G Get Out!!!

Dolce &Gabanna Company was built Italy Milan in 1985 years. It is one of International brand in the luxuries products field.Domenico Dolce and Gabbana are this company founder. They are creative and design the D&G.
Theirproductsincludeclothes, underwear, swimsuit, perfume, accessories, watches and clothes.


Their ad video because some words refer to discriminate Chinese. The model use chopsticks eat pizza and chicken rolls with wired posture and Chinese-English in this video.

The video was deleted by the Official account D&G in the short time. While it was widely spread in the Instagram. Many people think it has discriminate Chinese. Then the D&G founder Stefano Gabbana was posted in the internet. Because it show angry with delete the video officially. It also said Chinese are bullish**, *****.Besides it said the business are also very flourishing without Chinese.


The news was spread into China.Many people were shocked by this news.The movie star and model post they wouldn’t attend the show in Shanghai. The D&G Chinese symbool-Dilireba and Wangyuan.They are also post they will cancel the contact with Digit caused a big feast show was cancelled in Shanghai. The D&G held this feast show for recommend their brand in China.

As a company, I think we should have the responsibility to respect everyone.We should respect every customer.


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