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  • The top of our line product –Bluetooth speaker

    Bluetooth speaker WYN-EF02 Waterproof  IP 67 MINI size metal bluetooth speaker WYN-WORLD technology ,which has more t...

  • The main functions of smart speaker

    Smart speakers are not used to listen to music like traditional speakers. Its language interaction function not only ...

  • Famous Brand Earphone

    Four top HIFI brands in Europe AKG Headphone,Domestically called “love technology.” Austria’s famou...

  • KITAS Fair

    The 9th Korea Smart Device Trade Show– Kitas Fair is going to open on 11 Jul and finish on 13 Jul 2019. The pla...

  • Mini Bluetooth Speaker

    Mini Bluetooth Speaker


    As well know, the Bluetooth Speaker are existing in our daily life.The Bluetooth speaker is in your desk when you at home.Besides you can see the Bluetooth next to the computer when you go the offi...

  • Will you apology they-DG?

    Will you apology they-DG?


    Will you apology they-DG? After the last thing-the DG show was cancellened.The DG Clothes also have been unshaved in the most of China online and offline shop. The DG end his life in China.   ...

  • what changes will 5G bring us ?

    what changes will 5G bring us ?


    5G will turn connectivity into a platform that benefits all people, possessions and industries. 2.The default state of everything in the future will be networked. 3. The whole world will migrate to...

  • The relationship between China and  American

    The relationship between China and American


    The biggest diplomatic relationship  is between China and the United States. The essence of the relationship between China and the United States is the relationship between emerging powers and hege...

  • The advantage of wireless charger

    The advantage of wireless charger


    The current situation of wireless charging is that wireless charger is assisted for wired charger .No manufacturer has ever said that wireless charging is the main mode of charging. When your have ...

  • D&G Get Out!!!

    D&G Get Out!!!


    D&G Get Out!!! Dolce &Gabanna Company was built Italy Milan in 1985 years. It is one of International brand in the luxuries products field.Domenico Dolce and Gabbana are this company founde...

  • The Advice for Shoper

    The Advice for Shoper


    The advice for the seller when in the shopping day I will give your some advice about the shop days. As the seller, what should we do? The advice is more use for the online shop. Posting It can sav...

  • Single Day

    Single Day


    Single day or shopping day is 11th November every year.Taobao is one of biggest online shopping. It create about 213.5billion RMB one day (24hours).Besides just 21seconds the turn over more than 1b...

  • D&G we love China

    D&G we love China


    From the much-anticipated fashion show to a much-anticipated cancellation, Italian fashion brand Dolca and Gabbannajust used four days to turn the Chinese market down, due to the controversy over w...

  • How to choose a good sports earphone ?

    How to choose a good sports earphone ?


    Point 1: sound quality Sound quality is important to headphones, as is bluetooth headphones.Many enthusiasts are willing to spend huge sums of money in pursuit of better sound quality.Of course, fo...

  • what is the sports earphoen?

    what is the sports earphoen?


    The sports earphone has its own character .the sound quality should not be bad and what’s more important is the design of the appearance. The sports phone should has these basic characters: 1 safet...

  • The marketing stratege of Double Eleven

    The marketing stratege of Double Eleven


    Marketing stratege of Tmall double eleven New platform trend, attaching importance to the use of live broadcast platform New shopping trend, keep up with the social and e-commerce mode Create an al...

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