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What do you need to prepare before buying a speaker ?

Publish:2018/06/01 Company News View:200

Before buying a speaker you need to know what kind of music you like most, then pay attention to the collocation skill about the hardware. In fact, many people are afraid of coming into the speaker company, afraid of asking question to the seller. just because they don’t know much speaker things .in fact not everyone is familiar with speaker friends ,some guys is considered as acoustics expert, but sometimes those experts mislead the right idea. Buying speaker don’t need much familiar knowledge. Some so called experts can’t necessarily lead you buy the right speakers

At the meanwhile, you need to make it clearly that what is the specific use of your speakers .just for music appreciation or combined with the TV, radio, LD and so on .and there has a lot of difference between these .the next, you need to consider the location to put it, the sitting room, study room, bedroom or even special speaker room. The size of place the space, decoration materials, all of which are important factors to determine what kind of speaker you need to general, the large place with large speakers, small place with small speakers is invariable rule .do not put a big horn in a eight or nine square room, or put a mini speaker in a very big house .what you need to consider is your preference for music. Such as heavy metal, rock, then you shouldn’t choose loudspeakers which is too dark or too small. If you like a big symphony, the quality of trumpet is very important.

In addition to the above rules, there has an important thing there, which the match of loudspeakers and machine. Because there are some loudspeakers with bad sound quality .some expanding machine with some well-known loudspeakers sound very well. While some high profile expanding machine with high –profile speakers doesn’t work well. In order to solve those problems, you just need to listen more and compare more.
Based on some studies, the budget of Chinese people to buy speakers for the first time, more than 90% people will choose over 5000 Yuan. And more than 60% people prefer to buy import speakers or combined speakers .though most of people will admitted that the sound of combined speaker couldn’t get the lever it should be in sound quality and dynamic performance. And even on the durability it couldn’t make people satisfied .for general people, it is impossible to take 10000Yuan to buy an import speaker.

In fact, selecting 4000Yuan machine with attention, then a pair of 4000Yuan horn and 1200yuan CD player .the price is less than 10000yuan but the sound quality is much better than this. And there are a lot of domestic speakers with pretty good quality in recent years. And the sound quality of homemade whole set speakers which cost 7k-8k can compete with 12k import products. And some brands can guaranty that their products can last more than 5 years, which makes the consumer very relieved .that’s also a good thing for customer.


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