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The future of Bluetooth speaker

Publish:2018/06/09 Company News View:579

In all digital market of the country, we can see Bluetooth speaker everywhere. Bluetooth speaker-the new favorite of voice frequency industry, naturally got a lot of attentions by many manufactures and the support of customers.
We could get a conclusion that from some technical revolution, a new high-tech product will change the life style of one generation. there is no doubt that the power of technical revolution could change
People’s pursue for music ,music devices have always been  changed and developed, from magnetic tape, record, MP3, phone, traditional speakers and then to Wi-Fi speakers. Wireless speaker has been changing. Every epoch-making speaker could meet people’s requirement for music in a great extent.

With the development of internet, speaker has also entered into intelligent speaker era. However, at the choice of speaker, music lovers are always entangled to the Bluetooth speaker or the Wi-Fi speaker. Bluetooth speaker has become a mainstream products after many years development, and with the popularity of intelligent equipment, the Wi-Fi speaker has the tendency to be the product of ages.
Wi-Fi speaker, just as the name implies, this kind of speaker depends on the wireless internet to get better music. But the operating principle of Bluetooth speaker is through the matching of built-in chipset with mobile phone, computer and other digital devices, hereby the audio of mobile or computer can be played in Bluetooth speaker.

What’s the mainly difference between the Bluetooth speaker and Wi-Fi speaker? They are all wireless, what’s the real diffidence between these? Will the Wi-Fi Bluetooth speaker become the main stream with the development of internet ?
About the transmission meter, the Bluetooth majors in short distance transmission, limited by the technology, Bluetooth couldn’t meet the requirement of intelligent housing control system. At the meanwhile, Wi-Fi speaker don’t have much limits .and with the development of music, more and more on line music suppliers support the Wi-Fi transport protocols, and we can say that it is more convenient for Wi-Fi music playing.
In movability, the Bluetooth speaker has to be close with the phone to get better using experience. Wi-Fi speaker could be played at anywhere in home by the advantages of stability and transmission distance, which totally reflect the perfection of wireless.

In the function of independence .the Wi-Fi speaker could work by itself without the help of phone, and it does not need to  pair with your voice channels, even if you are listening to music on Wi-Fi speaker ,and watching video on your phone at the same time ,they couldn’t be affected by each other.
The traditional Bluetooth speaker actually is on your voice channel, thus when you get a phone call or some voice hint, the music playing will be stopped. And it couldn’t be played by itself without the player or phone.
In general, comparing with the Bluetooth speaker, wireless Wi-Fi connection has its obvious advantage. Although Bluetooth technology has become the main stream of audio equipment because of its popularity and replication. But in near future, Wi-Fi should be the fast developed with the development of internet intelligence, the advantage of Wi-Fi tech and the music requirement of users.


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