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Bluetooth speaker selection guide

Publish:2018/07/25 Company News View:153

Wireless Bluetooth speaker has become one of the necessary equipment in daily music listening .mainly because of its small and portable functions as well as its functional diversity. No matter the old is going out for a walk, the young is going for a travel, or the athlete is going biking, the mother is using early education .wireless speaker could be all used well .however for this kind of wireless speaker, especially the Bluetooth speaker, not all people know how to choose .so we bring all friends a selection guide to make all friends well understand how to choose a good Bluetooth speaker.
  The first thing we need to understand the early development of wireless speaker .the most typical wireless speaker in earlier time is the portable cassette recorder. This kind of speaker don’t need to compete with phone, you only need a TF card, which is the favorite of a lot of old people. But with the development of Bluetooth speaker, the wireless speaker come close to our life and take the place of traditional cassette speaker.
The advantage of Bluetooth speaker
1. Play the music in your phone
2. Play the music in your TF card
3. The protection function for outdoor users
4. Pretty sound quality with good transmission
5. Meet different needs for its diversity function
Actually there are a lot of other advantages from other points ,compared with more technological wife speaker ,Bluetooth speaker is more cheaper and portable ,and for these users who pay more attention on the sound quality ,if they want to listen to music out of doors ,an portable Bluetooth speaker are more better than Wi-Fi speaker .while the development of Bluetooth technology is also recognized by people ,and it’s whole quality has been improved a lot .
Do you know how to choose a Bluetooth speaker?
Subdivision is also the incoming stage of Bluetooth speaker .the custom-made Bluetooth speaker is not a new thing for this market .thus many people said the Bluetooth speaker market is coming down .actually in the long run, that change can be seen as an explosive or a painful is early to say that the Bluetooth speaker will be replaced .after that much words, how to choose a Bluetooth speaker is still a problem .then we will talk about it together.
At first ,I want to say that whether a good or a bad Bluetooth speaker depends much on the Bluetooth module ,it mainly used to receive Wi-Fi and transfer the digitization , that’s the important reason to save the use of cable .then what is the Bluetooth module ?from the booking saying , it mainly made by chip PCB board and peripheral, according to the manufacture, we can divided it into BroadCom module ,Dell module ,CSR module . Right now, I don’t want to say the power things like class 1, class 2 or class 3 which can make people want to sleep .I just want to divide it by my experience .the best module is CSR.
The Bluetooth module is widely used
The Strong compatibility is the reason to explain why it is the best .and after the connection of the laptop, it has the biggest stabilization. About the rest we don’t need to think, because it is not easy to have the two advantage at the same time.
Then BroadCom module ,Dell module are also good things ,but the price of them are not that good for normal people .。CSR module could be said the best and most reliable module, because the normal and cheap brand module are always hot and not that stable .that’s why Bluetooth speaker‘s signal always be intermittent. Thus we would better choose the CSR module.
In addition to choosing the right Bluetooth module, the Bluetooth version is also important, if we want to have a good connection, we need to choose better Bluetooth version.
The battery is also an important thing for Bluetooth speaker .because of the wireless transmission, the size of battery capacity indicates the overall endurance and service life.  You must be careful when buying Bluetooth speaker. Because a lot of manufactory will exaggerate the battery capacity .they told you their speaker could play 12 hours straight. But it’s truly time could only be 3-4 hours.

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