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bluetooth chipset

Publish:2019/05/09 Company News View:218

Hisense HS2800 low-power Bluetooth chip (BLE4.2)
1, ARM CortexM3/M0
TX: 10.5mA@+5dBm (3.3V); 5mA@0dBm (1V)
RX: 5.9 mA
Deep sleep <4uA
2, the chip’s specifications are similar to the general products on the market
3, the overall program cost has an advantage
4. Advantages of technology development and advantages of service system
5, the application in Hisense TV, set-top box, remote control factory and module factory in the south have batch application, quality clearance
6, can also do the design support of the overall program
7, will follow the launch of 5.0 products
8. The module with cooperation is introduced, and the module is integrated.
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Star River 960
From Baidu know the certification team 2018-03-31
Advantages: The best Bluetooth module on the market, playback and microphone sound quality is currently the best on the market. Compatible with all Bluetooth devices, ARM cores and DSP cores, with ARM architecture and DSP architecture.
Disadvantages: expensive, does not support radio card and other functions.
TI (Texas Instruments)
The advantages and disadvantages are basically the same as above, the performance is better, but the price is more expensive.
Broadcom (Shanghai)
Advantages: The price advantage is obvious, and at the same time, it supports functions such as card insertion and radio reception.
Disadvantages: sound quality is general.
Chuangjie (Taiwan)
Advantages: Good sound quality with voice prompts.
Disadvantages: The microphone is not ideal and the compatibility is average.


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