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AM/FM Bluetooth speaker

Publish:2018/12/15 Company News View:131

With the progress of science and technology, WiFi and bluetooth speakers can be seen everywhere in the market, and the radio function of speakers like AM/FM is gradually eliminated by people.

The AM and FM speakers that can be found on the market now only have some big names like Soni.However, the price of these big brands is often thousands, for the general public, the price is a little high, but want to recall a good memory, or recommended…These speakers are generally of good quality in terms of sound quality, and the speaker is also a new version of the current version.


One of the most popular speakers with AM and FM functions on the market is a bluetooth speaker with built-in songs, which is owned by seregama in India. This speaker contains nearly 5,000 songs, which is a special product that our company created recently for people in the 1960s and 1970s.It is very appropriate to give it to parents and elders in the family with a lot of sense of time, because the songs in it are popular songs in the 1960s and 1970s.Bluetooth version USES the latest 5.0 technology, in the morning or leisure time in the afternoon, playing such a classic old song, can be said to be very comfortable.


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