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5G Times

Publish:2019/03/08 Company News View:317

The fifth generation mobile phone mobile communication standard, it also known as the fifth generation mobile communication technology.The foreign language acronym: 5G. It is also an extension of 4G and the downlink speed of the 5G network is 10Gb/s (equivalent to download speed 1.25GB/s) in the theoretically.

In 2009, Huawei already carried out early research on the technology. It have showed the 5G prototype base station in the public before few years ago.


On March 1, 2015. The British Daily Mail reported that the UK has successfully developed a 5G network and conducted 100 meters of transmission data testing.The transmitting data up to 125 GB per second, it’s 65000 times of 4G networks. In theory, 30 films could be downloaded in one second.It was put into public testing in 2018 and made commercially available in 2020.


On December 7, 2018.The three major operators have obtained a license to use the 5G test frequency, which means that a nationwide large-scale 5G test will be launched. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially announced to the public on the 10th that it has made a public announcement to China Telecom,China Mobile and China Unicom issued a license to use the low-frequency test frequency of 5G system.

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station officially started the construction of 5G network.It becoming the first railway station in the world built with 5G indoor digital system,on Feb, 2019.


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