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5G Times

Publish:2019/09/30 Company News View:116

5G times

What is 5G times?


The 5th generation mobile networks are latest digital cellular network .It’s the latest mobile network technology.It’s an extension the 4G(LTE-A WiMax),3G(UMTS,LTE) and 2G (GSM) system.

Why the 5G time will come up?

On one hand,the fourth 4G mobile communications system are represented evolution technology in the long time,having been widely used in business.On the another hand,the exist mobile communications system can’t meet the basic requirements in the information explosion times.So it’s need to be considered about the next generation technology.

Where will it apply?

It will mainly apply in enhanced Mobile BroadBand,Mission Critical Service, Massive IoT.

Enhanced Mobile BroadBand
Firstly,the 5g net work will more widely.This means the net work are more better than 4G network Then it also can improve network capacity.This means multi- equipment can use large amounts data meantime.

Mission Critical Service,
It use new technology,such as Self-contained integrated subframe and scalable TTI and so on.It’s more reliable than 4G.So maybe automatic drive can be realized in this times.

Massive IoT.
It’s a new words original for the 5G times. “Internet of Everything”. called massive Internet.It means that at least 1 million devices per square kilometer are connected all the time (3GPP definition).

So many things  will change in our daily life in the 5G times . Such as the Wi-Fi Bluetooth speaker are the new products in 5G times,Our company can support this kind of speaker.We can accept special customlized Ai Speaker.It’s more better if you have own server.


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