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5G Flooding Screen Mobile phone-HUAWEI Mate X

Publish:2019/03/08 Company News View:123

5G Flooding Screen Mobile phone-HUAWEI Mate X

HUAWEI launched the first 5G flooding screen mobile phone-Mate X in the MWC2019HUAWEI terminal global conference,on24,Feb,2019.

Mate X use flexible flooding screen, fold able full screen design.The size about 8inches when you open.The one side screen about 6.6inches,the another side about 6.38 inches.

Besides HUAWEI Mate X are using eagle wing folding scheme and its original design rotating shaft .It can achieve 0-180 degrees of free folding.It’s not only open and close degree,but also the whole machine is lightweight and quality.And the thickness of the fuselage is only 5.4mm,the grip are very comfortable.

HUAWEI Mate X use HUAWEI’S first 7nm 5G muti-mode chip Balon 5000 and Kirin 980.HUAWEI Mate.It’s equipped 4sets of 5G antennas.The download speed can highest than 4.6Gbps,which means can download 1G movie only need 3 seconds.And HUAWEI mate X can support 55W fast charging,it can charging 85% within 30miuntes.It’s built-in 4500mAh battery,it can use a full-day. Besides it can support 4G and 5G sim card.


While I have to say the phone is too expensive for the common,its price more than 2299€(17,500RMB)。It will sell in June,2019.Will you buy it?



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