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Air purifier + bluetooth speaker = perfect sleep machine

Publish:2019/08/30 Company News 未分类 View:109

Recently, our company WYN-WORLD INT’L LIMITED has developed a multi-functional bedside sleep device that can quietly purify the air and play a soothing natural sound.



Sleeper, Bluetooth speaker and air purifier


Looks like a big size bedside bluetooth speaker

First it has a built-in Bluetooth connection

The app contains a variety of natural sounds

This part is very similar to a general sleep-aid machine

Very suitable for babies to fall asleep

Mom or Dad can record the bedtime story through the mobile app.

Play when your baby goes to bed

That is to develop the ability of the baby to sleep independently, without letting them feel scared

In addition, a key factor related to sleep quality is air quality.

Air purification function

High polymer synthetic resin screen filters dust and particles as small as 0.1 micron

PM2.5, allergens, what’s more

Through optimization of ambient sound and air

To effectively improve sleep quality

CLAIR-S is also a bluetooth speaker


Can be used for cooking, yoga, recreation

Play your favorite shows, music, audio books

It can be said that it is multi-purpose, welcome friends who are interested to join the research and development of Air purifier + bluetooth speaker = perfect sleep machine project.


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