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The function of smart bracelet

Publish:2018/08/24 Company News View:271

The Smart bracelet is a kind of wearable smart device .the users can monitor our daily life by bracelet like the the exercising ,sleeping and daily diet and then It syncs the data with phones, tablets and ipod to guide a healthy daily life.
The design styles of smart bracelet isvery attractive to the users who are used to wearing jewelry.what’s more important is that the style of smart bracelet is versatile .although the small ring is tiny ,but it’s function is relatively powerful .for example ,it can be said a high-end prdometer. It not only has the general step-counting founction ,measure the distance ,calories ,fat and other functions, bust also has the special function of sleep monitoring,high-grade waterproof ,Bluetooth 4.0 data transmission and fatigue reminder

By the analyse of market prospect of smart bracelet ,almost all the main function of smart bracelet on the market are very similar. Heart rate detection ,motion detection ,calorie tracking ,sleep monitoring ,step count ,distance of movement ,etc. few bracelet have special functions points different from other similar products.
When all the smart bands on the market hav similar functions ,not only the users will get tired ,but manufactures will also start a price war ,the smart bracelet is selling health ,but it should not be limited to the health. Beeyond the health market ,there are broader market ,like security ,tracking ,somatosensory interaction and personal ID authentication.


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