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SEG Plaza Office

Publish:2018/08/10 Company News View:210

The SEG Plaza was located in Hauling North District in Shenzhen, which is a famous and prosperous science-technology enterprise. It was called “Nanjing Road in Shenzhen”. They are very convinet in the SEG Plaza, several lines underground and dozen of bus lines cross and pass here.Besides its passages flow more than 500,000 everyday. It’s a huge potential marketing because the lots of people, convenient traffic and fund, information gathering.

1-8 floor is the biggest eletric marketing in the Asia world.There are many ecletric products, such as communication, home appliance, LED light, digital camera, video and so on.And the cellphone and computer products also sell well in the marketing.


 It is the “World Electronic Window” and “Never Ending High-Tech Products Exhibition”, which is a collection of international famous electronic products.Besides the power bank, smart bracelets and bluetooth speaker.So it was called “World Electronic Window” and “Never Ending High-Tech Products Exhibition”. It is a collection of international famous electronic products.The IBM,COMPAQ,EPSON,ACER,NEC ,PHILIPS,Lenovo and so on at home and abroad,They are settled in SEG Plaza.

The marketing devloping every day, the trade volume more than 50 billion RMB.Besides they are controling the electric marketing more than 30 cities in China.So the SEG Plaza plays a important role in the China’s technology science.


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